Why wait for Christmas to seek peace?


This time of year always wells the hearts of those who help others, and the goodness abounds in all kinds of thoughtfulness — from helping the homeless to Toys for Tots.

The one area I am most pleased to see is the common ground of peace. This desire for peace around the world is most glorified at this time of year.

I sat today on bleachers and listened to Sharpstein School kids, first-graders and kindergarten, sing their beautiful little hearts out. The last song was about peace. The video on the wall showed pictures of children from around the world as those voices sang, I noticed myself crying. Then I looked around and I was not alone — even a soldier leaned down to wipe an eye.

Children have a way of instilling beauty and innocence where we, as adults, forget. Peace and magic and love one another.

These days I, as a veteran, rely on others to run my homeless veteran outreach and it is a wonderful thing when this holiday comes around and giving is most common.

My question is, why must we wait till Christmas?

The children gave many of us the chance to consider this and, I will be striving harder every day to continue to help others and to pray for peace.

I have family overseas fighting a war. I have homeless fighting for survival. I see Democrats and Republicans fighting in politics, gangs against each other, and I ask myself can we not find common ground.

Does it take our children’s innocence to open those eyes scarred by indifference? We all — in some way — eat, drink, cry and feel pain even though we live in different places and speak different languages.

Can we someday see that peace can happen if we all desire it enough.

For now, I linger on Sharpstein School and its Christmas choir, and all of the people who walked away with smiles on their faces and love in their hears. The children sang of peace and love, and it is the children I pray will someday get to see a world full of that, untainted war and bickering.

This Christmas I vow to share as much peace and love as I feel now in my heart, and I may even carry it all year. After all, I was a child once. I remember a time when everything was magical and I was innocent — before I grew up.

Roxanne Hinkle

Walla Walla


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