City officials go for 60-stall parking plan on Alder Street

The angled parking for Alder Street downtown includes turn lanes to prevent traffic backups.


WALLA WALLA — The City Council agreed Wednesday to go with the lesser of two Alder Street angled parking plans, the one that will add 60 instead of 80 additional spaces but also keep traffic moving.

In a show of hands, members were split 4-3 in favor of the plan that will convert most of Alder between Fifth Avenue and Colville Street to angled parking.

Council members Conrado Cavazos, Jerry Cummins, Mary Lou Jenkins and Chris Plucker supported the 60-space plan. Mayor Jim Barrow and Council members Barbara Clark and Shane Laib were for the 80-space plan.

The 60 space plan will also keep two stretches of parallel parking on either side of Second Avenue so turn lanes can be added to keep traffic from backing up.

The plan will be sent out for work bids next year.

“We feel that of all the options, that really is the best balance of parking and traffic flow in this case,” Neal Chavre, city engineer, reported to Council.

A handful of local merchants testified that they wanted the city to go with the max plan, which would have added 80 spaces and left Alder looking very much like Main Street.

“I could probably live with the alternative for 60 stalls, although I am on record as preferring 80 just because if the issue is parking then we should try to max it out,” downtown property owner Charles Potts told the Council.

The angled parking debate was also the city’s first chance to try out its new Open City Hall, an online feedback site designed to promote public input in issues.

In his report, Chavre said the overwhelming number of comments to website were in favor of the 60-space plan with turn lanes.

“Each option is a series of trade-offs. You give up one thing to get another,” Chavre said, noting that the 60-space plan would also better accommodate commercial truck deliveries.

“We looked at the public input ... We feel that of all the options, that really is the best balance of parking and traffic flow in this case,” Chavre said.

The angled parking project will coincide with two new streetlights and bulb-out curbs to be added next year at the intersections of First Avenue and Colville Street.

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downhillracer 1 year, 11 months ago

First Avenue and Colville do not intersect.


oldguyonabike 1 year, 11 months ago

Two new signals, costing hundreds of thousands, where 4-way stop signs would suffice.


fishmark54 1 year, 11 months ago

Doh is the term about the non intersection. Can't wait for the bulb- out curbs at 1st and Colville.

So much for the City of WW wisdom. Next we will get the one way streets! That didn't go over well a few years back when the old timers just ignored the one ways (that study cost a pretty penny). Cops couldn't keep up with the folks. It was a hoot to watch...


fishmark54 1 year, 11 months ago

yeppers they don't intersect. But we get bulb- out curbs at the intersection so keep a lid on your knowledge or it will ruin it for the rest of us dude...


barracuda 1 year, 11 months ago

The whole article is about Alder Street, correct? Among other upgrades, they are going to do work on the intersection of Alder @ 1st street. And then they are going to do work on the intersection of Alder @ Colville. It was not about the intersection of 1st and Colville.


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