Missed flight sours Christmas


I am a 62-year-old veteran living on a monthly Social Security disability check. On Dec. 18 I had reservations to fly to Seattle to be with my family for Christmas. I made a mistake, I showed up at the Walla Walla airport later than I should have and got in line with everybody else to be scanned and to have my luggage checked.

I had my e-ticket trip itinerary in my hand along with my driver’s license, expecting to get on the plane, but my itinerary is not a ticket. Even though my trip ID number and name were on the computer- generated “ticket,” I was told I could not fly.

I went over to generate the ticket on a kiosk but was informed I was too late. The airplane still had 17 minutes before takeoff (6:07 a.m. refusal at kiosk and 6:25 a.m. departure time) and this was after waiting in line for 15 minutes.

Walla Walla airport is not a big airport. No employee would even consider helping me, not even the slightest possibility. To get another ticket would cost about an additional $160 on top of the $170 for the original ticket. I could not afford the additional cost.

I take full responsibility for my mistake, and I understand there are rules but ...

The reason for my letter is this: It’s Christmas time, couldn’t somebody have made an effort to assist me, maybe bend the rules this one time? How would they feel if they were in my shoes and their yearly trip to see their daughters and grandchildren was canceled and that if maybe some employee would have taken an extra five minutes to help an elderly man with a fixable problem the trip wouldn’t be canceled.

I guess my bitterness is evident. Again, the blame is mine.

Merry Christmas to all!

Paul Courtmanch

Walla Walla


Justbeinghonest 12 months ago

I hope there is more to this story, sounds very sad.


wwguy7 12 months ago

Does anybody have anyway to get a hold of Mr. Courtmanch by chance?


Igor 11 months, 4 weeks ago

This sort of thing is scandalous. There are times when rules should be bent and this is one of them. I try to avoid Horizon whenever I can because of the callous way they treat their passengers, especially the young and the elderly.


tpeacock 11 months, 3 weeks ago

As one who has used this very same ticketing system, it is made very clear (if you take the time to read the important details) what your actions are once you get to the airport, it's been this way for over 7 years that I know of. As a vet myself (22 years Army Infantry), 16 years as a Drill Instructor, soldiers are taught from day one to pay attention to detail and that when all has gone to heck in a hand basket, they have only themselves to rely on. With this in mind I don't understand what being a vet has to do with this, or what being on SSA has to do with it either. This highlights one of my pet peeves these days; acting like being a vet is somehow a get out of anything free card. As I stated previously, we as vets are supposed to be the ones that will still be standing and the ones others can come to when all things go awry. My time in the service wasn't spent to receive pats on the back for every day events, to get a 10% break at any store, or to use as a crutch to lean on when I fail myself because I didn't pay attention to detail. While his plight is sad, it's no one's fault but his for not paying attention to detail, plain and simple. No more of the story is needed, no special actions needed taken, and by no means whatsoever is there anything scandalous about this, and no rules should've been broken. This situation was clearly avoidable by taking a bit more action on the part of Mr. Courtmanch.


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