Pioneer Park needs more benches for elderly


I have lived in Walla Walla since 1998 and have never before written the Union-Bulletin, but I write now to ask a question.

I’m old and infirm but still ambulatory and I live fairly near Pioneer Park, a wonderful, beautiful place to enjoy the outdoors a bit, get a little exercise, sit and rest some, and watch the ducks and squirrels ... but sit where?

I have never seen such a large public park with so few park benches! Am I expected to sit on the ground like I might have done when I was young? It’s a little hard to get up and down for me these days, a nice wooden bench with a back to rest my poor spine would be nice.

I feel like I’m being denied access to what otherwise would be a fine, pleasant, restful, but interesting public facility simply because I am too feeble to walk clear across it without a place to take a breather. I certainly would use, and enjoy, the park much more if there were more benches.

I suppose the city hasn’t the money for facilities for the elderly, but perhaps our local government could help by encouraging private contributions, and make it easy for families to fund memorial benches for their dear departed who did not get the chance to use the park as much as they might have liked.

Perhaps the city could ask local merchants to provide collection places for people to drop a dollar now and then for the sake of the elderly who would like to get out a little more; just a jar on the counter next to the one for lost dogs.

Maybe members of the local government could come up with a few ideas of their own to fund park benches for the elderly and others to enjoy.

Could the U-B do something to encourage contributions for making the city parks more accessible and useful to poor souls like myself?

Timothy Sullivan

Walla Walla


peaches 1 year, 6 months ago

Sounds like a geat project opportunity for the Boy Scouts or senion projects!


pdywgn 1 year, 6 months ago

There is a marble bench on the north west corner of the circle overlooking the Gazebo and I am planning a second one. If more people did that there would be more benches!! Maybe start a ring around the Gazebo approximately twenty yards in to allow for booths on the outside perimeter during the 4th of July, etc.


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