Stay off local frozen ponds


The recent cold snap resulted in frozen ponds around the area, but as the weather has warmed back up, the ice is beginning to melt.

Please talk with your children about not venturing out on ponds. I live in view of Lions Park Pond in College Place and I’m dismayed at the young and not-so-young children who are out on the ice jumping up and down, sliding, and ice skating.

Most of these children have no adult supervision. The pond in the park rarely freezes over, so I doubt the ice is sufficiently thick to be safe. Also, I believe the pond is as much as 6-feet deep in places, which is over the heads of most of the children venturing out on the ice.

And this pond is tucked in the corner of the park away from passers-by, so if a kid gets in trouble he or she may not be heard.

Every year, kids drown because they fall through the ice at ponds just like this and can’t get out. Please talk to your kids about staying off the ice!

Diane Reed

College Place


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