Windmill placement makes them useless


Windmills are typically grouped in strings that run along ridgelines and crosswise to the direction of the prevailing wind. This is so no windmill’s performance will suffer from the wind shadow that’s downwind of its nearest neighbor, or in the valley between ridges.

Windmills are never built in areas where ridgelines run in the same direction as the prevailing wind, since most of the windmills would necessarily be in wind shadows and no significant energy would be generated.

Windmills are never built in such unsuitable areas, that is, except in these perverted times, when windmill ownership is a legal mandate and construction costs are covered by subsidies and rising electricity prices, so that power companies do not care that their windmills produce no electricity.

One such unsuitable area, where ridgelines run in the same direction as the prevailing wind, is the southwest corner of the Tucannon Wind Project, being built by Portland General Electric in Columbia County, on land owned by Whitman College, which is advertising this construction in its alumni magazine as if it were very proud of itself for covering its precious once-arable soil with roads and concrete pads.

An anemometer tower has been recently constructed in this area, well after the windmill plans were finalized, so that an uninformed person might be fooled into thinking there was a historical windspeed database supporting the siting of an energy facility.

And yes, you guessed it, that anemometer tower is built at the bottom of a steep canyon.

You have surely noticed by now that your electricity rates are going up yet again. Construction of worthless windmills is the reason.

Jim Thorn



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