Best of Emergency Services, 2013



A woman reported “they have a peacock in their yard that has been there all day.” (Feb. 7, Umatilla County Sheriff)

“Stray rooster reported in area.” (March 7, Walla Walla Police)

A farmer reported a low-flying helicopter was upsetting his cows. Dispatchers discovered the aircraft was being used by a biologist to do a falcon population study for windmill companies. (April 18, Columbia County Sheriff)

A Milton-Freewater resident reported another man left a phone message threatening him with a propane torch over a “livestock issue.” (April 24, Umatilla County Sheriff)

A ferret named Bandit reported stolen from a home in the 300 block of Water Street, Weston. (July 29, Weston Police)

A citizen called to report that while his neighbor was out of town, a youth from a neighboring home had “removed their bunny from the cage and placed him in the dog kennel.” (Aug. 26, Weston Police)

Deputies received separate reports of a stray horse in the road, a tent in the road and a crying dog. Each of these things suspiciously disappeared when deputies arrived. (Sept. 17, Columbia County Sheriff)

Report of 13 cows in the road blocking traffic on Ringer Road near Highway 332. (Dec. 18, Milton-Freewater)


A disturbance was reported at Stone Soup, 105 E. Alder St., Mar. 8 at 2:45 p.m. According to the report, a male customer complained about his vegetarian soup and wanted a refund. The customer was told that his food would be replaced but refunds were not offered at Stone Soup. The customer then poured his soup on the counters, damaging several menus. (March 15, Walla Walla Police)

Police arrested a 36-year-old man on investigation of criminal trespass after the man allegedly became belligerent while requesting medical records for himself and his wife at Stateline Chiropractic Clinic. (April 16, Walla Walla Police)


A Weston-area woman reported her canoe was stolen while at Jubilee Lake. (July 18, Umatilla County Sheriff)

About 260 plastic sprinkler heads reportedly stolen from the 52000 block of County Road. (Aug. 6, Milton-Freewater)

Walgreens employees reported the theft of cold medicine every day for a week. (Dec. 19, Walla Walla Police)


A man told police he was going to block a road with his tractor because he is “done going to all the meetings,” about whether snowmobile riders are allowed to use the road. (Jan. 23, Weston Police)

A man stopped for speeding on Sunday reported his accelerator was stuck. When a deputy inquired as to how he’d been able to slow down when he spotted the deputy’s vehicle, the man responded, “I wasn’t driving and you can’t prove it.” After being advised that the deputy had seen him get out of the driver’s side of the car, the man was issued a speeding ticket and a citation for driving with a suspended license. (Aug. 27, Walla Walla County Sheriff)


Mar. 4 1800 block of Crestline Drive. “Kids went on a (colored) chalk writing spree in the neighborhood during the night,” according to a police report. Among the items scrawled on the sidewalk were a phallic representation and a word commonly used to refer to ladies of negotiable affection. (March 4, Walla Walla Police)

Police arrested a 28-year-old man for reportedly spray painting “Skate or Die” using Old English font in four locations, including a garage and a power pole. When police contacted the man, he claimed he had only just found the spray can, and had not vandalized any property. Witnesses identified the 28-year-old as the suspected tagger, however. (May 14, Walla Walla Police)

A Corn Maze staff member reported confronting a man who had urinated in the maze, Saturday. When deputies arrived they placed the 42-year-old man in handcuffs and questioned him. He stated he would “whip it out” in Walmart if he had to pee, but was concerned about being seen in public wearing handcuffs because it might damage his reputation. (Oct. 30, Walla Walla County Sheriff)


A man reportedly called 911 "advising he wants to check on his family, but every time he leaves his house, the cops run him back inside." (Jan. 7, Columbia County Sheriff)

A 20-year-old man reported he and several friends detained a man they saw leaving an apartment that belonged to a woman with two children. The suspect attempted to run away when the young men confronted him about his suspicious behavior. When police questioned the 26-year-old woman living in the apartment south of Walla Walla, she identified the “suspect” as her 28-year-old boyfriend. The paramour told officers he attempted to run because he didn’t want his wife to know where he was. (May 7, Walla Walla County Sheriff)

A Weston woman reported a man entered her residence and passed out. (May 13, Weston Police)

A Milton-Freewater man called police from his bathroom because he was not feeling safe. According to the man, a woman he was living with had just fired him from a job, and he was worried she might shoot him. The worried man said his erstwhile boss had not made any threats, he was “just afraid she might.” (July 15, Milton-Freewater Police)

A North Elizabeth Street man called police because there were five women at his gate “staring him down.” (July 24, Milton-Freewater Police)

A 52-year-old woman and her 62-year-old boyfriend got into an altercation after she came home and found him doing laundry. The woman, who admitted to “having a couple beers,” told police her beau was mixing colors and using bleach. (Sept. 3, Walla Walla County Sheriff)

A 33-year-old woman reportedly dumped out two gallon-size freezer bags full of marijuana onto her living room floor during an argument with her boyfriend. Each accused the other of an attack with a vacuum cleaner. Deputies noted concerns in their report about three children living in the home. (Nov. 12, Walla Walla County Sheriff)

A Morrison Lane woman reported finding the freezer in her garage suspiciously left open. (Nov. 18, Walla Walla County Sheriff)

A West Crockett Road woman reported that a house guest “trashed” her home and possibly poisoned her dog. (Nov. 26, Milton-Freewater Police)


A concerned citizen at Te Juanitas reported a man was “not feeling well” after consuming alcohol. (June 13, Milton-Freewater Police)

A police officer reported, “A patron of Loney’s Harvest Food purchased (beer and baking soda) and was trying to get out exact change. When he removed the change, he also removed two baggies of cocaine and left them on the counter. He then left the store with his purchase.” (July 1, Walla Walla Police)

A resident of the 5300 block of West Ballou Road complained that he lent a book to a friend, but that friend returned it in a destroyed condition. The owner of the book now wants the friend to pay him $20, which is $5 more than what he originally paid for the book, because of the book’s sentimental value. The book was “The Zombie Survival Guide.” (Sept. 24, Milton-Freewater Police)

Deputies responded to a report of shots fired at the 800 block of Newton Road at 12:10 a.m. Thursday. According to the owner, who is a licensed medicinal marijuana grower, his brother was sleeping in the greenhouse because the marijuana crop was almost ready to harvest and there had been previous attempts to steal the plants. The brother woke up about midnight and saw the silhouette of a man and yelled. As the man was fleeing, the brother fired a shotgun in the air a number of times. The deputy asked the brothers to “try and resist firing warning shots if they suspect an intruder is on the premises.” (Oct. 4, Walla Walla County Sheriff)


Mochadelicious 1 year, 8 months ago

Hilarious! I knew Walla Walla was full of nut cases.


namvet60 1 year, 8 months ago

They walk amongst us and they vote. Scary.


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