Dry cleaning and death penalty


Wow, to say I am disgusted with some of our state representatives is an understatement.

Billing us for their dry cleaning? You must be kidding?

We, as their employers, must be due the same kind of benefits don’t you think? Maybe we, as their employers, need to send our dry cleaning bills to the state, or wait, maybe to Rep. Gary Alexander.

I also read that one of our own supports legislation to abolish the death penalty. Rep. Maureen Walsh is quoted as saying the death penalty is “immoral, unfairly implemented and appeals to society’s most violent instincts rather than love and compassion.”

Those who want to abolish death penalty also say it is expensive due to the appeals process. Justice is not cheap (maybe we can afford it if we skip the dry cleaning bills).

So what I glean from that is that Rep. Walsh and her merry band of cohorts in Olympia have a lot better judgement than a jury who has just rendered a verdict on a case. Interesting point of view from someone we elect and pay don’t you think?

It appears to me that Rep. Walsh has unhitched the horse from our wagon and is trotting down the road on her own. Of course. this isn’t the first time that has happened, is it? Anyone remember the gay marriage legislation?

I bet if you check the voter results you will find it failed miserably in this district, but that didn’t stop her from voting her own beliefs over your wishes.

Come on folks, just because we elect these people does not mean we can stop thinking or acting. Electing a representative does not excuse you as a voter from using your brain.

When someone starts abusing their office, we need to stand up and yell. If we don’t, we have nothing to complain about when they send us a bill for dry cleaning, or for changing the laws to satisfy their own agenda.

Randy Allessio

Walla Walla


Iopine 2 years, 9 months ago

Very good - also it seems that they have a mode to get elected and then have a severe transformation after they hit Olympia to get fame.


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