‘Green energy’ initiative boosts power bills


You likely read on the front page of the Feb. 3 Union-Bulletin that Pacific Power is requesting a 14.1 percent rate hike that would amount to about $15.84 a month for the average homeowner. Surprised? Why?

The ‘Green energy’ initiative is boosting power bills

In 2006, voters passed Initiative 973, which failed to recognize existing hydropower (water through existing dams) as a renewable energy source. But that exclusion wasn’t widely publicized by the promoters of the “green energy” initiative.

Also contained in that piece of legislation were requirements to increase the use of “renewable energy” by 3 percent by 2012, 9 percent by 2016 and 15 percent by 2020.

You can see from the dates where we are in that cycle of increases. That also helps explain why a larger rate increase is being requested now. Taxpayers subsidize “green energy” power source construction, state low-income energy assistance to help people who can’t afford to pay their utility bills, as well as through rate hikes so power companies can make required purchases of power from “renewable” sources — even when there is more than enough produced by the dams existing in 2006.

I’m sure your elected folks in Olympia can provide information on appropriate committees to contact to correct this oversight by supporting Senate Bill 5294 — recognizing hydroelectricity as an eligible renewable resource in the energy independence act.

Jim Davison



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