Hey, change the channel once in a while


Some folks need to take a deep breath.

U.S. Rep. Jose Serrena has introduced his bill to repeal the 22nd Amendment at least seven times. He tried it twice during Clinton’s tenure and three times during George W’s. No protest then?

When he floated it in 1995 it was cosponsored by Mitch McConnell. There is nothing to indicate that any of these repeal attempts has or had the endorsement of the president.

The widow of Medgar Evers tosses a bit of patriotic boiler plate into an invocation and it’s all over the right- wing echo chamber that Obama has removed “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance! This was done in the President’s guise as King Barack the 1st.

Let the record show that the Pledge, when actually led, was as usually phrased.

Change the channel occasionally folks.

Mark Raddatz

Walla Walla


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