U-B reporting on Rural Library District is lazy


The Union-Bulletin’s coverage of the library issue between the Library Users Coalition and the Walla Walla County Rural Library Board is so one-sided and devoid of fact to the point it’s irresponsible.

The U-B is derelict in its duty to provide comprehensive, unbiased coverage of an important issue facing the community. One did not have to read the editorial in Tuesday’s paper to know where the U-B comes down on this issue. From the misleading headline to the deceitful content of Sunday’s article, it’s pretty clear that the U-B is in the pocket of the Coalition and those on the City Council who are desperate to get their hands on the $3 million that the RLD has in the bank.

The coverage of this issue has been misleading and lazy from the very start.

In fact, the examiner from the state Auditor’s Office found no violations and made no citations in her audit of the relevant emails and documents in response to the complaint made by Allen Knopf on the behalf of the Coalition. The U-B claims to have read the auditor’s response but, if that’s so, its reporter knowingly misled its audience.

If the U-B and its readers would like see the auditor’s report, it is available on the RLD web site — wwrurallibrary.com .

In truth, what the state Auditor’s Office said was, “We recommended to the District that it ensure it takes action in open public meetings.” That’s it. Not a citation. Not a violation. A recommendation. But I suppose recommendations don’t sell newspapers.

The Union-Bulletin should be ashamed of its coverage of this issue. You have an obligation to your readers to research your facts thoroughly, to present all sides and most importantly, to tell the truth.

Moreover, the U-B had a real opportunity to foster an open, honest dialogue in the community not just about this issue but, about how we use the library, and about the future of libraries as whole. That’s just lazy reporting.

Amy Rosenberg



ahmanna 2 years, 5 months ago

Good job Amy, thank you for taking the UB to task on their deceptive "journalism".


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