In the Minutes - Port of Columbia


Port commissioners are Gene Warren, Dale McKinley and Earle Marvin. With all present Wednesday, the board:

RAILROAD: Considered a proposed agreement with Watco, the company that operates the railroad from Dayton to Walla Walla. Watco representatives asked the Port to approve a new agreement that would make the Port responsible for all maintenance costs along the line. The agreement would also designate the portion of the line from Dayton to Prescott as a switching line, meaning a line that serves only one customer and is not subject to federal regulations about track maintenance. The board and Port Manager Jennie Dickinson said they needed more time and more information about maintenance costs to consider the agreement.

LEASE: Signed a lease with Numi Market Garden LLC to lease the garden space at the Blue Mountain Station site.

MARINA: Authorized $30,000 to make emergency repairs on well No. 1 at the Lyons Ferry Marina.

BLUE MOUNTAIN STATION: Port Manager Jennie Dickinson reported on progress at the Blue Mountain Station site. The site plan has been approved, and the Port is hoping to start bids for construction of the first building by the end of the month. The board considered a solar panel lease agreement with Walla Walla Flat Roof Educational Energy, which would provide and install solar panels, give the station free power and retain the state incentives for solar power production. Dickinson was instructed to move forward with the design and net metering agreements for the lease.


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