Fort Walla Walla Museum worth visiting


I don’t get out to the Fort Walla Walla Museum very often, but my husband and I are members and he does volunteer work there as needed, therefore, he gets out there reasonably often.

On a recent trip there he observed the current exhibit showing artifacts and information about individuals connected with the Civil War. There is one showcase highlighting Gen. Oliver O. Howard, who participated in a number of battles in that conflict and in 1874 was placed in command of the Department of the Columbia and was stationed at Fort Vancouver, where my great-grandfather also served.

I possess the original marriage certificate of my great-grandparents on which Gen. Howard signed as a witness, therefore, making this exhibit particularly interesting to me personally. (That Gen. Howard was darn good looking!)

The museum has an attractive, new administration building where much of the “behind the scenes” work is accomplished along with a new main entrance building containing numerous displays and a fine museum store.

You can, you will, you must visit our great museum.

Virginia Carpenter

Walla Walla


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