Democrats seem to think party trumps America


Having watched the Hillary Clinton Benghazi hearings, an old German saying comes to mind: Deutchland über alles (Germany over everything).

However, in this instance, the saying would be “Democratic Party über alles.” As represented by these Democrats, there is no “America über alles.” The parade of Democrats before Clinton was akin to the Mafia lieutenants coming to kiss the hand of the mafia don.

The Democrats were circling the wagons to protect Clinton for 2016. It was eerily similar to the actions of the Democratic senators’ comments when Bill Clinton was impeached.

They did not care what he had done, they were not going to vote against him in a Senate trial.

Hillary Clinton did have one significant outburst when she yelled: “What did it matter if it was a mob or a planned attack?” It matters a lot: One is a lie and one is the truth. Evidence indicates the president and secretary of state lied.

Few penetrating questions were asked and none were answered. Clinton’s four-month delaying tactics allowed her State Department attorneys to prepare her thoroughly. She referred frequently to the attorney’s “answer” binder.

Clinton was asked about the Accountability Review Board sentence that “...there was never a consulate in Benghazi and the U.S. never told the Libyan government the U.S. was there.” Clinton commented that it was confusing; it was a temporary situation.

But yet, President Obama and Clinton allowed the American people to believe this was a consulate (embassy-type property). It is still referred to as a consulate. The ARB never refers to Benghazi as a consulate, but rather a “special mission compound.”

One senator asked Clinton about the possible mission of the special mission compound: “Were arms being transferred to Turkey or other Middle East countries from the SMC?”

Clinton replied: “You will have to ask another agency about that.” This implied the CIA and is important because these arms were going to jihadists and al Qaeda.

In concluding comments, Clinton stated: “We are the cover for so many agencies ...”

Clinton admitted not going on the Sunday talk shows because she had an aversion to the shows. I imagine those killed or wounded in Benghazi would rather have been elsewhere — even on a talk show.

Apparently, the president and Clinton will walk from this massacre.

The media would have likely already impeached a Republican president.

Craig Buchanan

Walla Walla


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