Thousands of Shiites protest 89 killed in Pakistan


QUETTA, Pakistan — At least 15,000 Shiite Muslims took to the streets in southwest Pakistan today in a second day of protests following a bombing that killed 89 people. Relatives of the victims refused to bury their loved ones until the army takes action against the militants targeting the minority sect.

Meanwhile, militants wearing suicide vests and disguised as policemen attacked the office of a senior political official in northwest Pakistan, killing six people, police said.

Pakistan has been besieged by militant attacks in recent years, many of them carried out by the Pakistani Taliban, who have been waging a bloody insurgency against the government. Radical Sunni militant groups have also increasingly targeted the country’s Shiites because they do not view them as real Muslims.

Outrage over the attacks has grown in Pakistan, and protests were held in over a half dozen cities today in addition to Quetta. But it’s unclear whether the demonstrations will spark action that will make the Shiites any safer.


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