Make the guilty, not all of us, pay for their sins


So once again, we are at the point of wanting to make someone pay for the sins of another — another “crazy person” with a gun.

“They have to be crazy,” we tell ourselves, “or it means that I, myself, or maybe my child, or someone I know could to it.”

So now, some in the Washington state Legislature want everyone in the state to pay with the loss of their rights. They want to take away your rifles, shotguns and handguns, not because of something you did, but because of the action of a third party. You also lose your right to the presumption of innocence. Yes, you will no longer be considered John Q. Public or Jane Doe. You will, when you wake up the day after this law goes into effect, be considered the likes of Charles Manson.

Your children will be looked upon by the law as Wayne Williams or Jeffery Dahmer. Your wife might as well strap the kids into their car seats and push the minivan into the reservoir because, as far as the Legislature is concerned, she’s already done it.

I see that seven cops in Georgia were arrested on various charges and a California cop killed four or five people before dying, himself. But we don’t have to look that far, for in little Walla Walla we had a cop having sex with underage girls and an undersheriff stealing about $60,000 from the county. So if we were to say all cops are murderers, thieves and void of morals, I’m all for it. But I’m sure a charge such as that riles and offends honest officers.

We can move onto various legislators, too, and put them in the same class as those colleagues who have been arrested and convicted of everything from sex crimes to DUI.

I’m sure our new governor should be incensed if you wanted to put him with the last three of the four Illinois governors who are serving jail time.

And don’t forget the one who got drunk and ran over a motorcyclist. I’m sure our governor would scream bloody murder if you wanted him to pay for their sins.

So if you want to do something and make the guilty pay for their sins, the gun owners of American stand with you and will be proud to do it.

Ed Larish

Walla Walla


campbell_rd 2 years, 5 months ago

If anyone were really interested is saving lives they would outlaw: Abortions, cars, knives, hammers, etc. All of these have killed far more than guns. In fact my guns have never killed anyone. People will always have guns, the question is simply, do you want to be able to defend you and your family or dial 911 and pray. The constitution isn't written to be changed, it was intended to reflect God given rights.

Speaking of that subject, why is it that we live in a Republic (not a pure democracy), yet the cities on the West side of Washington control the state. This fact is well shown in the new laws on homosexual marriage and marijuana legalization. That is not the way a Republic thrives, it withers and dies. If each county had an equal say, we would be better off as a state.

Same holds true with our Nation, the cities shouldn’t control the entire government. Each state should have mostly an equal say in the way we are governed. But Democrats would fade from power, isn’t that a good thing? Just a thought.


namvet60 2 years, 5 months ago

Just a thought but a very good one at that!


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