Proposed bill considers violence, mental health


I am writing in regards to the Sandy Hook Elementary Violence Reduction Act as it sits in Congress without movement. The bill supports the idea that violence should play no part in our society and speaks of taking measures to ensure that events such as Sandy Hook, Columbine and Aurora could be prevented in the future.

It supports the president’s efforts to reduce violence, more support measures for law enforcement, as well as ensuring that people who do not have the legal right to carry a firearm are hindered in their attempts to acquire one.

This is not a direct gun-control bill. Although it has language that would reduce access to violent offenders, it does not directly infringe on constitutional rights, more notably the Second Amendment’s right to bear arms.

This bill needs attention in that it speaks to access to mental health, something that in my opinion is not taken in to consideration often in our society. Proper access to mental health can provide the people with the necessary tools to battle mental health that could be dangerous to themselves or others and just as important, provides stability to those with mental illness.

Robert Tarver

College Place


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