Self-centered approach takes toll on society


Columnist Kathleen Parker’s recent column correctly identified the breakdown in respect for marriage as bad for children and society. Unfortunately her article goes on to reason that since marriage benefits children, and since homosexuals are now routinely making children, then homosexual marriage must be good for kids.

Few truths are more self-evident than that every child deserves a mother and a father. Procreation outside of marriage, whether by unwed parents, homosexual couples, or habitual fornicators, as well as redefining marriage and family to be whatever makes people feel good, are the selfish acts of an indulgent culture. They place the desires of individuals before the needs of children.

In her column, Parker presents the conversion of pro-marriage activist David Blankenhorn of “The Institute for American Values.” Evidently Blankenhorn opposed homosexual marriage, but now he’s for it. Since he “agonized” over his decision, the rest of are naturally expected to embrace his new perspective and join his campaign to “save marriage.”

To some, his epiphany may sound more like the pragmatic strategy of a professional activist switching to the winning side, than the result of well-reasoned conviction.

Meanwhile, a local congregation, evidently privy to new revelation, tells us “God is still speaking.” Evidently God, or someone, erred when He spoke on marriage and homosexual behavior the first few times. Or perhaps, like the president, God changed his mind after consulting with family and friends. Regardless, one must embrace its humanistic social gospel to be judged as non-hating.

Many people esteem their ideas more highly than God’s. Human pride is the root cause of family and social breakdown.

Does anyone really believe redefining marriage will lead to its strengthening? Or that a culture which discards the natural, historical and biblical definition of one man and one woman covenanting together, under God, for life, will somehow heed the call to save marriage and embrace family values?

If marriage and family is whatever celebrities, politicians and special interests want it to be, today, whatever makes us feel good, whatever we believe in our hearts that it should be, then who or what will make the case against cohabitation, infidelity, baby-daddies and revolving door marriages?

Or against polygamy, polyamory and other marital innovations that will surely have their day in court? If God’s revealed and natural laws are irrelevant, will marriage be saved by Blankenhorn’s, Parker’s or anyone else’s arbitrary, self-centered value systems?

Lorne Blackman

Walla Walla


blue_streak 2 years, 9 months ago

Lorne, I can appreciate your desire not to have complex moral and social questions decided by "celebrities, politicians, and special interests." However, it's good to remember that not long ago people who followed "God's revealed and natural laws" believed that black people were property and that women should not be allowed to vote.

Please remember that history the next time you eat a ham sandwich, enjoy a shrimp cocktail, or put on a pair of pigskin gloves.


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