MLB mandates safer helmets


One of the obstacles to curbing sports concussions is fashion. Seriously.

Former pro football player Steve Tasker wore an odd shaped helmet like the lid on the head of the Great Gazoo (of the Flintstones cartoons). It was goofy looking.

Yet, Tasker wore the oversized helmet to protect himself from concussion because, as a special teams star for the Buffalo Bills, he played with reckless abandon.

Few others in the NFL have followed his lead because of the goofy factor and NFL officials have not mandated them despite all their talk about the importance of player safety.

But Major League Baseball has taken the step of mandating the stronger batting helmets for all players starting right now. A 100 mph fastball to the head can be deadly.

The Rawlings S100 Pro Comp — a Great Gazoo-style helmet — is the standard for the new helmets.

But the players union probably agreed to the helmet mandate because Rawling has now come out with a slimmed-down version that works just as well and isn’t nearly as ugly.

Hey, whatever it takes. The NFL brass might want to have a talk with their helmet manufacturers.


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