Three branches of government lost their way


We are no closer to sustainable solutions for any of our dire problems than we were before the November elections. The legislative body of government has changed little and is not held accountable for passing bills thousands of pages long without even reading them, and the Supreme Court has failed to make such laws unconstitutional.

The greedy self-serving legislative branch has no incentive to cease giving unsustainable benefits to lobbyists that enable them to continue in office. We no longer have news reporters who inquire about the size of congressional and executive staff and what they are paid and what is their purpose.

What is the cost to taxpayers to maintain the U.N.?

It's time a government that benefits from the U.N.'s attacks on free enterprise, human rights and our sovereignity host and house that organization. We owe the unborn generations who will have to pay for all the money we continue to throw away at the rate of trillions per year.

In all our history we have never done that before. I'm not proud of the way any of our government branches have recognized what their job is and done what is right for all Americans they are constitutionally obligated to represent. Happy new year!

Patricia Ross

Walla Walla


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