Inmate fight causes lockdown at penitentiary


Inmate fight causes lockdown at penitentiary

WALLA WALLA — An attempted assault and fight at the Washington State Penitentiary led to a lockdown of a prison unit Sunday.

The incidents took place in Echo unit, one of four close-custody units in the prison’s West Complex. None of the inmates involved were seriously injured, said Shari Hall, prison spokeswoman.

The first incident happened about 10 a.m. when an inmate armed with a sharp object assaulted a second prisoner in the Echo unit gym. The incident was not gang related and the victim said he did not even know the person who assaulted him, Hall said.

A short while later a fight broke out in the unit between the cell mate of one of the prisoners involved in the earlier assault and a second inmate. This led to a lockdown of Echo unit, Hall said.

The assault is being investigated by Walla Walla Police. Hall said the operational plan for the lockdown was being reviewed today and expected to be lifted or revised at noon.

— U-B staff reports


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