Attack on milk is without merit


As a practicing veterinarian and former Tillamook County Creamery dairy farmer, I feel that I must comment on the article in the U-B, “Milk, hormones a common pair.” The article written by chiropracter Frank Tapani is woefully full of inaccuracies and false conclusions.

He begins with the statement, “Virtually all commercial dairies (except those designated “organic”) are using hormones to increase milk production.” If true, such a conclusive statement would be followed by a source.

The author goes on to connect hormone use with higher mastitis rates and increased antibiotic use, and claims the antibiotics find their way into the milk. What he doesn’t tell you is that every tank of milk going to every processor in the U.S., whether organic or not, is checked for antibiotic residue. There is zero tolerance for antibiotics in any load of milk.

The author states that “Monsanto has sued milk processors who label their products ‘free of rBGH.’” Has he read a cottage cheese container manufactured by Darigold? Checked the label of a loaf of Tillamook cheese? Looked at a gallon of Western Farmers milk? “No Artificial Growth Hormones” is clearly stated on the labels. Dairy farmers throughout the U.S. also sign contracts saying that they do not use bST and are subject to unscheduled inspections of their farms.

The supposed link of hormones in milk to young men developing breasts is the biggest stretch of all. How about obesity? How about inactivity? Drinking pop, eating chips and playing video games for hours? Are these not more likely culprits for gynecomastia?

The author ends by saying he chooses to buy only organic products, which is perfectly reasonable. However, vilifying conventional food is not the answer to this nation’s health problems, and the article belonged, at best, in the “Our Readers’ Opinions” column of the U-B, not the Health and Fitness section.

Andrea Adams



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