Congress keeps passing same old pork


Before everyone starts blaming everyone else, let’s just take a look at what is going on. For six months we hear about this “fiscal cliff,” but there’s nothing that can be compromised or negotiated. Then, much to everyone’s surprise, a deal is worked out amending the House bill in the Senate.

With seconds to go it’s passed through the Senate, whisked over to the House, and just before impact, the president signs it, and saves the world. (I hope Hollywood uses this scenario with some of the money it got!)

Now they want us to believe that no one knew about all the pork? I don’t care if it is on the left or the right, there had to be two names to amend the bill to include the pork, someone who offered the amendment and someone to second the amendment. Why aren’t those names published in many places?

The House wants us to believe it only had minutes to pass this bill, so it passed it without reading it. Or, in very simple language, we pay members of Congress about $200,000 a year for which they usually work only 126 days (about $1,500 a day), and they don’t have time to do their job? I think the reading and understanding of all bills they vote on surely falls within their job description!

Then we move on to the Hurricane Sandy Relief bill. More pork again. Where are the names? They complain about finances, but keep right on spending. We have money for Hollywood and NASCAR, but not for Social Security or Medicare. We have money to grow algae but not to raise children. We have money for war and killing people, but there’s not enough to save them?

Yes, Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers is just as guilty as the rest. She and many of the others are the reason that Congress is broken.

But the good people of Washington state keep sending the same broken cogs back to the same broken machine. Proving, I guess, that there is no such thing as evolution. Doesn’t evolution mean change?

Bruce McCutcheon

Walla Walla


namvet60 2 years, 5 months ago

I'll bet when you drive your vehicle it will only make LEFT turns - same ole cogs - yep you Lefties vote in the same ole cogs: Sen Murray, Sen Cantwell & Sen Harry Reid the do-nothing Senate! YEP!


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