Taxed enough already!


Here we go again. What are they thinking?

We are in a recession, and now a handful of overzealous, singleminded School Board members want to further encumber the already overburdened property owner, an indebtedness placed on them as a result of “yes” votes by non-property owners and property owners.

Check your tax statement folks! We are already strapped with the obligation to retire several previously committed bonds, in addition to the generous portion of your taxes that you are already paying to the state for schools.

It’s true that good schools are a very important part of a vibrant community. Over the past years Walla Walla property owners have been vary generous in supporting school levies and bond issues, but now is not the time for more indebtedness.

Wa-Hi can still continue to function now that College Place has taken on the obligation to provide for its own high school. Give us a break for now and we will once again support your proposal as the economy improves.

Property owners need to remember that even though they think they own their home free and clear once the mortgage is retired, it will never be free and clear as the county boogieman is standing in the shadows, ready to slap a tax lien on your supposedly free-and-clear property that you have worked a lifetime to own. If times get really tough, causing you to stub your toe and eliminating the ability to pay your taxes — good-bye home sweet home!

Along with our youth, we also need to consider our seniors. Many of them without subsidized property tax reductions are already struggling to stay in the home they raised a family in. These are responsible taxpaying, law-abiding citizens who were prudent savers, wanting to avoid becoming a burden on society. Now, without employment income, they lose the ability to keep up with inflation. Add to that the fact that dollars in their savings accounts have lost as much buying power as 21 percent in 21 months. Then considering the reality of no interest on their savings and it becomes apparent that they are rapidly falling behind.

There may be those who will attempt to demonize property owners for resisting additional property tax debt, by accusing them of being against motherhood and apple pie, but facts dictate that enough is enough! It is high time for the homeowners who are paying the piper to speak out in their own behalf!

Tony Hepler

Walla Walla


namvet60 2 years, 5 months ago

Excellent letter Mr. Hepler - it seems as you write that people don't look out for others they only have ways to spend other people's money no matter the end results.


Doceo 2 years, 5 months ago

As the saying goes nothing is certain but death and taxes. That being said I am glad that I can drive on highways and roads. I am comforted that the police department and fire department are there when I need them. I am glad that students attending Walla Walla High School can get a great education. All of these things take money for which I am sure I could find another use. I am blessed to live in a country where we make make it a priority to take care of others. It is now time to modernize Walla Walla High School.


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