Balance can keep life's ship on steady course


Ever wonder how they do it? Those people who seem to work, volunteer, exercise and everything in between. They seem to have it all figured out; life that is. What does it mean to lead a balanced life?

Balance is hard to find and can mean different things to different people. You will know you lead a balanced life when you are not writing your U-B column one hour past your stated deadline. When you make every appointment early and you feel a sense of ease as you walk through your life.

The reality is that each of us is probably on the continuum somewhere and some days are probably more balanced than others. The keys to balance include; prioritizing, knowing your limits, staying in touch with your beliefs and making progress toward your goals.

When you prioritize then the items on your list that are important to you will get done first. If you value your exercise time, then you will fit your exercise into your day and feel more balanced.

When you know your limits and are able to commit to those things you have time for, you will feel more balanced. You will make every meeting if you don’t commit to 25 meetings a week.

If you say “no” to the bake sale at school when you really don’t have time to crank out 60 cookies then you will not be overwhelmed in commitments that cause stress and imbalance.

The chance is that someone else at that school loves to bake and it is high on their priority list.

Make decisions based on what you believe. If you stay true to what you know and believe you will feel more balanced.

We often are lead astray by trends or fads. If you know what you believe and stay true to that, you will always have a rock to stand on.

For some of you it is your faith, others it is a set of beliefs and values that you hold inside you as a compass for decision making. Know yourself and what you believe.

Make goals and celebrate when you make progress toward those goals. We so seldom take the time to stop and celebrate the steps we make toward the goals in our lives.

If you are working on a degree why not celebrate each credit you earn along the way. Give yourself the freedom to pat yourself on the back as you work toward your goals and then celebrate when you accomplish them.

Balance can mean different things to different people, knowing yourself and prioritizing can help you achieve a life that includes fun, work, family, and all the things you want. It is a work in progress.


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