If public must tighten belt, so should government


In the past few days the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin has featured a story about how Americans might react to smaller paychecks brought about by the expiration of the “Social Security tax holiday”.

I always thought an increase in paychecks at the expense of Social Security was an irresponsible gift. I’ve read multiple letters to this paper with ideas about how to make Social Security solvent, reducing the level of contributions wasn’t among them; sure seems counter-intuitive.

The “tax holiday” is emblematic of the current administration’s lack of understanding and outright refusal to be fiscally responsible. The president continues to act like a monarch, saying that the election proved that the American agrees with his economic policies. People vote for a candidate for any number of reasons, in this past election I fear that most voted based on likability and character assassination.

Given the state of the economy it is clear to me that most did not elect Mr. Obama for his monetary aptitude.

The president’s irrational obsession on having the “wealthy” pay more is nothing but a smokescreen for an ever-expanding government. Apparently, people love to hear that the wealthy are being punished for, well, being wealthy.

If we taxed all millionaires at 100 percent (took all of their adjusted gross income) it would only be enough money to run the federal government for about three months — meaningless against a $16 trillion debt.

Stop the class warfare and be a leader to all Americans. When Obama enjoyed a Democratic supermajority he used that unfettered time to create the expensive and unpopular ObamaCare. The mid-term elections should have been a lesson learned, it wasn’t.

It is time to have discussions with elected officials to compromise and to stop increasing our debt. Finding consensus is a presidential prerequisite; Obama either does not have the skills to negotiate or he believes he should not have to.

We’ve all heard the parable about giving a man a fish versus teaching a man to fish. It would seem the president disagrees with the moral of the story.

Rather than attempt to create an economy that produces jobs for people, he has chosen to have those who have jobs give an endless supply of fish to people who could be taught to fish. At the same time he has asked the fisherman to tighten their belts while he refuses to do the same.

Michael R. Lesko



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