Obama influenced by strong-minded women


A short story is illustrative of the manipulative nature of the campaign that returned Obama to the White House.

Sometime in August I logged onto the Barack website and in order to receive updates offered to donate $1. I passed that opportunity after being informed minimum donation was $3.

The next day I received half a dozen emails thanking me for my “generous” gift and advising me how to actively campaign for Obama. From that point on, I get six or more emails from either Barack, Michelle or an agent telling me how I can continue to help make their dreams come true.

What kind of a person did we return to the highest office? I propose that he is just a figurehead for a set of strong-minded women who are really in charge.

Chief is Michelle, who was not proud of her country until she realized the rich perks connected with being first lady. That Barack does not embrace the capitalistic system with enthusiasm is partly due to the fact that during their working years Michelle always made more income than he did. Not an ego builder.

Other strong ladies in his life include the Daley Chicago operative Valerie Jarrett with whom he is said to talk with several times a day, and Nancy Pelosi, the real architect of the Affordable (?) Health Care Act. He was influenced by his liberal, hippie mother and his grandmother. He was very short of male role models in his life. His biological father left the family early on, perhaps being replaced by the staunch communist Frank Marshal Davis, Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers as the closest facsimiles.

Obama finds it difficult to negotiate mano-a-mano with congressional leaders. It might just be because he cannot operate comfortably without the immediate support of his closest confidants.

Tom Baker



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