One Farmers’ Market best for Walla Walla


Do not split the Farmers’ Market

It seems some organizations in Walla Walla would rather split locations than resolve issues and work to compromise. I do not see any possible benefit with the splitting the Farmers’ Market.

Jayne Foster’s issued statement, “people use multiple grocery stores in town and don’t just use one,” is accurate. However, the whole purpose of the market is to bring local farmers and artisans together in one location. I don’t doubt the fairgrounds has better amenities (parking, buildings, etc) however the spirit of the market lies in the downtown area.

Like most shoppers in the area we use different grocery stores because each has its own niche of products we like and not one store fulfills all of our needs.

Going to the Farmers’ Market is a choice for local goods and produce, just like picking which grocery store has your niche goods and showing your support with your money. I fear that splitting the market will only hurt the vendors and customers. People will not travel to both events. Removing vendors from downtown will marginalize the event downtown. Tourists will not know we have two markets (how many small communities have two markets?).

I ask you reconsider keeping all vendors in one location.

Alexi Repoff

Walla Walla


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