Tragedy exploited for gun-control agenda


Through the grief after the tragedy over the deaths of multiple children comes the exploitation from certain groups of people. Who was it that expounded, “Never let a good tragedy go to waste?”

So let the hyperbole begin and try to play on all of American minds. The first thing on the agenda is gun control. Every incident of multiple shootings were done by mentally ill individuals. Where dothe parents and medical personnel fit into this equation? Obviously not where their children or patients are involved.

The answer is always take away all of the guns from law-abiding citizens, which will only leave the criminals with weapons. Every one of the massacres happened in gun-free zones knowing that chances were good that nobody would fire back. Why don’t we read in the news about the attackers being taken down by legally owned weapons of citizens protecting themselves? There are plenty of those stories to read if they only they were printed.

Take the numbers that involve weapons in the strictest gun control cities in the nation in one year. Chicago had more killings and children wounded than we lost in the Afghan War in the same time frame. Yet we never read about the home invasions that have been thwarted by homeowners protecting themselves with legally owned weapons.

When will the facts be brought out and separated into categories that will help in these matters. Issues that nobody wants to talk about but everybody knows about.

We have lost children through mentally ill rampages, but how about the many children that we lost through Planned Parenthood abortions with taxpayer funding. This gets up into the hundreds of thousands. It’s rather obvious that the Obamacare free contraception and birth control are not a viable substitute.

The newly elected political regime in Olympia indicates it will be mandatory for insurance companies to cover abortions. Does this make the politicians and insurance companies accessories for these crimes committed against humanity? When will the real issues come into the limelight instead of throwing political smokescreens out to ignore them?

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are there for a reason: The freedom of American citizens, not for the politicians to endorse and enforce their own personal convictions.

Myron Wallmow

Walla Walla


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