Spouting does get tedious


Spouting — propelled violently in a usually narrow stream (or words); to speak volubly and tediously.

That is the substance of Arlene Hiatt’s letter of Jan. 23, “Obama will destroy America.” There have been other letters along these same lines, but her words were behemoth in their lack of credibility.

Whales spout for a reason. Nature has provided whales with blowholes (breathing mechanisms) and valves that will close when a whale dives. Humans spout for a reason too, but they can’t seem to stop even after they’ve expended their entire narrow minded stream.

I know all about spouting, having lived in Wasilla, Alaska, for 15 years.

Bev Nash

Walla Walla


Iopine 2 years, 9 months ago

Ms. - your very well versed on your analogy and I'm just curious how many times you had to surface while writting this short letter?


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