June weather anything but monotonous

The situation bounced from dry and wet and cold and hot.

The monthly weather roundup for June.

The monthly weather roundup for June. National Weather Service graphic


WALLA WALLA — Dry days followed by downpours, several days when digging a jacket out seemed like a good idea and, finally, blistering heat.

That was June. Goodbye spring, hello summer.

But before looking ahead (and don’t sweat, this heat wave is supposed to break soon), let’s take a look back.

June started with 18 straight days of zero or trace precipitation. Then the next eight days delivered a month’s worth and then some.

The storms which started June 19 delivered 1.62 inches of rain, a mark .34 inches above normal. The heaviest one-day total was on June 19 when .62 inches fell.

But despite the downpours, total precipitation for the year remains well below normal. According to the National Weather Service, total rain and snow for the year is now 7.42 inches, a mark 4.50 inches below normal. Since October, the water year precipitation at Walla Walla has been 14.82 inches, which is 4.12 inches below normal.

In terms of temperature, June rocketed between lows and highs with the coolest nights, 49 degrees, coming on June 1, June 4 and June 22 and the hottest day, 101 degrees, coming right at the last on Sunday.

Overall temperatures were warmer than normal with highs averaging 80.4 degrees, a mark 1.6 degrees above normal. The average low temperature was 56.1 degrees, which was 1.9 degrees above normal.

Although the triple-digit days are expected to continue through Tuesday, relief is on the horizon, according to today’s forecast.

The high-pressure ridge which ushered in the heat wave is expected to begin retreating by Wednesday. The change in conditions will allow temperatures begin dropping, going down to the mid-90s by Independence Day and then into the high 80s by Friday.

But summer is well and truly here. The long-term outlook for this month calls for above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation. Normal highs for Walla Walla during July are about 90 degrees and normal lows are 61 degrees.

July also marks the start of the dry season with the normal rainfall being .59 inches based on a 30-year average. It is the next-driest month of the year, only slightly above August which has a normal rainfall of .57 inches.


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