Sweets Roller Girls stomp Apple City in second half



Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girl Raquel “Rock n Decker” Stapleton (center left in red) attempts to break through a chain formed by Apple City blockers Saturday at the Sweets’ bout against Wenatchee at the Walla Walla YMCA. Rock n Decker hung up her skates after the bout.

Roller derby basics

Roller derby is played on skates and the competitors race around the track with a jammer and four blockers to each team.

The jammers attempt to lap the blockers, and for each blocker they pass, jammers score a point for their team. Blockers will often team up to prevent a jammer from scoring.

The lead jammer is the designated player that gets past the other team’s blockers first.

The jams last for two minutes or until the lead jammer calls the jam with a hand signal.

Substitutions are rolled in with each jam. The jammer wears a star on her helmet.

A power jam is when the opposing team’s jammer spends time in the penalty box and that team can’t score any points.

WALLA WALLA — The Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls defeated the Apple City Rollers 190-139 Saturday night at the Walla Walla YMCA after dominating the second half of their bout.

Sweets jammer Raquel “Rock n Decker” Stapleton made two successful passes of the gym floor to get the Sweets off to a rousing start, building a 10-0 advantage, and after Katrina “Blonde Bandita” Suckow finished her turn jamming Walla Walla held a 14-0 lead.

That was the highpoint of the first half, however, as Apple City went on to capitalize on a pair of power jams and take a commanding 76-29 lead with 10:35 left in the first period.

But Walla Walla got back into the saddle with a pair of power jams of its own, and the Sweets closed the first half on a 59-22 surge, pulling to within 96-88 at the half.

“We had some good power jams,” Rock n Decker said. “We flip-flopped on our power jams with the other team. Our defense came up big and kept their jammer at bay on enough of their power jams.”

Rock n Decker added 21 points in the surge, Blonde Bandita contributed 18 and Eliza “Nerdy Bird” de Rostyne was good for 20 points in the run.

Walla Walla continued the onslaught in the second half, outscoring Wenatchee 102-43 with a stingy defense in the second half to pull out the win.

“I think the adrenaline kicks in after the start and we learn their strategy after the first half,” Rock n Decker said. “We can revamp our game a little.”

Along with aforementioned jammers, Vicki “Lois Slayin” Hillhouse contributed points as a jammer in the second half.

It was the last bout for Rock n Decker, the Sweets starting jammer, as she hangs up the skates.

“I had fun with roller derby,” she said. “I love it and am glad we ended my career on a winning note.”


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