Sheriff’s Office doing remarkable things


I am puzzled by the Union-Bulletin’s treatment of the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Office and its leaders.

What other department in Walla Walla County has done the following:

  • Established an independent citizen-led group that has raised over $30,000 to fund a program the county can’t or won’t? Recently one of the K9s was used to cause a hiding alleged car thief to quickly come out of hiding and give up ( or
  • Doubled the number of volunteers and improved the training so that they are recognized and the best (Search and Rescue) unit in the State?
  • Regularly scheduled quarterly open meetings with the communities in the County to provide a department update and listen to citizen concerns.
  • Upgraded service so that there is 24/7 — coverage.
  • Upgraded staff training so that there is regular scheduled professional training.
  • Upgraded staff equipment:
  • New safe uniforms.
  • New handguns and rifles (same model and caliber).
  • Ballistic helmets.

These and other accomplishments are rather remarkable to this citizen, especially in view of the economy. What I do not understand is the negative press presented on the department and its leaders given the above positive accomplishments.

Is it that mud sells papers?

Ted Richerzhagen

College Place


barracuda 1 year, 10 months ago

RE: What other department in Walla Walla County has done the following...

In reference to any/all of the above items.... I don't think the road department needs new helmets or guns.

Sorry .... I couldn't resist......


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