In the Minutes - Walla Walla County Commission


Commissioners are Perry Dozier, Jim Johnson and Greg Tompkins. With Tompkins having to leave early for an appointment, the board voted as follows:

budget: Approved amendments to the county’s 2013 budget. Unanimous.

housing: Continued public hearing on request from Walla Walla County Housing Authority for deactivation of housing authority. Dozier, Johnson voted yes. Tompkins recused himself due to a personal business connection.

personnel: Approved agreement with the Walla Walla Sheriff’s Corrections and Professional Association, which is currently in labor contract negotiations with the county, to preserve the legal possibility of retroactive pay to July 1, 2013. Unanimous.

paid leave: Due to Tompkins’ absence, postponed workshop to review current county policies and other information regarding reporting of paid leave taken by employeees designated as “exempt.” Matter to be rescheduled when all three commissioners can be present. Unanimous.


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