U-B should investigate condition of schools


No, you (the U-B) should make yourself heard.

It seems ridiculous the U-B chooses to survey an uninformed readership about the condition of Walla Walla schools.

Old-school journalists would realize newspapers are the ones in a position to investigate the condition of the schools, and they are the ones who have an obligation to do so.

If you do your job thoroughly and without bias, then your readers can make an educated decision as to whether they are willing to provide improvements or not, whether trailer houses and rejected Hanford portables are an adequate environment for their children, and whether Walla Walla has any community leaders left who are willing to step forward on either side of the issue.

Darrell Gomsrud



fatherof5 2 years, 1 month ago

The tone seems a little harsh, but I think this is a good suggestion. I would include a comparison of school facilities in other comparable school districts in the region, as well, to show where we currently stand and what is possible. More information for the electorate is always a good thing.


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