Burbank man dies of apparent self-inflicted gunshot


BURBANK — A Burbank man died just before 7 p.m. Tuesday from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot outside his home, according to Walla Walla County Coroner Richard Greenwood.

Greenwood said this morning the 59-year-old man appears to have walked outside his home and shot himself near the intersection of Second Avenue and Birch Street.

Several neighbors reported hearing two gunshots, according to Greenwood, who added not all of the man’s family had been contacted yet.

“Out of sensitivity to the family, we’re not releasing the name yet,” Greenwood said.

The Union-Bulletin typically does not report suicides, but those carried out in public are an exception to that practice.

Greenwood did say family members have told police the 59-year-old had been despondent since November 2012, and the handgun he apparently used appears to be a recent purchase.


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