Dayton draws up chalk art rules

The City Council passed a simpler version than the four pages intially proposed.

Tools for the sidewalk chalk artist.

Tools for the sidewalk chalk artist. Wikimedia commons photo


DAYTON — Chalk one up for aspiring sidewalk artists.

The City Council Monday approved a resolution to allow sidewalk chalk art to be drawn on designated city sidewalks. The resolution passed 6-1 with councilman Dain Nysoe casting the “no” vote.

City officials said last week the resolution is designed to provide guidelines which would minimize conflicts and keep people safe. The resolution approved Monday was a simplified version of the original four-page proposal, said Mayor Craig George.

City Planning Director Karen Scharer said the resolution requires chalk artists to sign up at City Hall so officials can keep track of everyone. The resolution “generally allows work between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. unless otherwise specified,” Scharer said, and it requires the art to be washed off by 8 p.m. the same day.

Drawings must be confined to the sidewalk on the east side of First Street between Main Street and Clay Street and artists will need to leave a 6-foot wide corridor on the sidewalk for pedestrians and stay 3 feet away from doorways and alleyways.

The resolution will sunset on Oct. 13, but if people like it the council can re-adopt it again. If there are concerns, those can be addressed as well, Scharer said.

The resolution was developed after a discussion at the council’s June 24 meeting where resident Elena Riggs asked the city to consider allowing local artist Ben Huwe to draw with chalk on Main Street to help generate interest in his work.

Huwe, who is developmentally disabled, creates cards and other artwork which he sells locally.

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