Man admits guilt for role in shooting


WALLA WALLA — A man faces up to 17 months in prison after pleading guilty Monday afternoon in connection with an April shooting in an alley behind the 1700 block of Portland Avenue.

Shawn A. Crump, 21, entered the guilty plea in Walla Walla County Superior Court to the reduced charge of first-degree rendering criminal assistance.

The standard range for the crime based on his criminal history is 13-17 months.

In exchange for his plea, Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Joe Golden agreed to reduce the charge from first-degree assault and recommend Crump be ordered to serve the low end of the range when he’s sentenced later.

Golden told the Union-Bulletin that officials theorize Crump — who was at the scene of the shooting — helped set it up, but he didn’t pull the trigger. Golden added that because of credibility issues with some witnesses, the initial assault charge against Crump may have been difficult to prove to a jury had the case gone to trial.

The guilty plea to the rendering criminal assistance charge holds Crump somewhat accountable, Golden said.

Police believe that a co-defendant, Timothy T. Parlor, shot Blake D. Nelson on April 13. Nelson, 26, reportedly suffered .22-caliber gunshot wounds to his chest, hand and head while in his car in the Portland Avenue alley.

Police said he arrived there about 3 a.m. with Parlor, 19, and Crump, who were passengers. Parlor then allegedly pulled a handgun and shot Nelson.

The two suspects ran to a nearby residence and, a short time later, Nelson staggered into Aziz Chevron, 1916 Isaacs Ave., and was taken to a hospital for treatment, according to a police report filed in court.

At the residence, Parlor and Crump reportedly acted agitated and, according to an unnamed witness, made statements indicating Parlor could have pulled the trigger.

The suspects were apprehended later. Parlor is awaiting trial on a first-degree assault charge.

Also, last week police arrested Lucas M. Hancock, 22, of 816 Figueroa St.

He’s charged with first-degree rendering criminal assistance for allegedly helping Crump after the shooting by picking Crump up at the residence to which he fled and giving him a ride from the area.

Police have not released a specific motive for the shooting, but said it might have been drug-related.

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