Why doesn’t U-B catch copy errors?


We subscribe to and enjoy reading our local newspaper, but honestly there are times when I find so many copy errors I have to wonder if there is anyone on staff reviewing the output before the paper goes to press.

Case in point, the July 19 paper. There are two front-page stories that are continued on Page 7. However, at the bottom of the story on the Walla Walla film industry, it says, “See PALENCIA’S Page A7.” For the story of the young winemaker, Victor Palencia, finding opportunity in Walla Walla, the end of the first page story says, “See FILM Page A7.”

I wonder why staff didn’t see this before it went to press, as I see it by just reading the stories? On page A3 of the same edition, the story titled, “Court rules no negligence in allowing nursing care choice,” ends with an incomplete sentence, “Ida was resistant to medical care and was combative, violent, hostile and ...” The sentence is incomplete and the story does not seem to be continued elsewhere.

Christie Fuller

Walla Walla


chicoli 1 year, 8 months ago

That many errors? Sentences not completed? Well, this might be case of journalistic "copy-ous" interruptus!


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