Walla Walla Valley Band slighted by U-B


While I thoroughly enjoyed the article on Eric Idle’s surprise performance at the Whitman graduation, the U-B neglected one huge part — the Walla Walla Valley Band and it’s co-director, Jesus Vasquez.

Jesus arranged the music of Mr. Idle’s song for the band. Mr. Idle came to our practice so we could rehearse with him.

The Walla Walla Valley Band does so much for the community and around town. We travel to wineries, do massive multi-band performances out of town, play amazing music for people of all ages for free at the Fourth of July at the Park.

We have several concerts a year that almost never get published in the events section of the U-B. A lot of the time, Walla Walla will schedule a symphony or some other event on the same day as our concerts.

I think Mr. Idle would be just as upset for the lack of mention of us in the paper and in the videos posted on the Internet. You can’t even hear us accompanying him.

The WWVB gets so many comments such as, “I didn’t know Walla Walla had a community band!” We can only do so much for advertising since we rely on sponsorships.

The WWVB is open to anyone who can play an instrument, even if you haven’t played in years. We just want people to come join us and play. And we always have a fun time.

We are looking for another tuba player and an oboist right now if anyone is interested.

So please, as our only local paper, don’t leave us out of community events.

Taneesa Dunham

Walla Walla


barracuda 1 year, 10 months ago

Suggestion........ YOU contact the UB, the next time you have a "gig", let them know who, where, and when the concert will be. Offer up a sort of public service anouncment with all of the information of the "gig". And after the gig, send out an announcement to let the public know how it went, how many in attendance etc. Also, try to get your "gig" onto the community calendar at the Chamber of Commerce. Control your own PR, and "toot you own horn" (pun intended, sorry) That way, you will never feel left out, or let down. If you let the public know how great these concerts are, eventually people will come out, and just maybe, bring the UB with them.....


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