Rose Street decision required common sense


Rose Street decision required common sense

I would like to offer a few hints regarding bicycle paths connecting College Place (where I live) and Walla Walla.

First, I and many others pointed out in letters and calls that it would be much “less safe” changing Rose Street to a two-lane with a middle turn lane and bike paths. Transit buses actually stop several times, going both directions, to pick up riders.

With four lanes they can do that and cars can change lanes and go around, perhaps arriving at work, school or other destinations on time and safely. With bike paths, only two lanes, and traffic stopping behind the buses, perhaps several times, on their way to Walla Walla or College Place, it would cost more time and burn more gas (including aggravation for some) and be far more dangerous for pedestrians, bike riders and considerate drivers.

It would not be less costly as suggested by Lidia Friederich on May 19 in her letter to the U-B. As for trust in the engineering expertise behind the original “proposed project,” I don’t carry an opinion on that.

The City Council didn’t ask my opinion on the subject and some of its members weren’t even present for the vote. I certainly will say I did not agree with the Council’s decision.

Henceforth, readers can figure out for themselves how I voted.

Friederich also wonders about the expertise of those who actually signed the petition or who were opposed to the idea of changing the entire street. My humble opinion is that the many citizens, (including myself) who have lived here for 50 years were against the City Council’s decision, was that it required more than expertise. It required a certain level of common sense.

An intelligent proposal perhaps — but perhaps not.

One other opinion comes to mind — that would be cutting down many of the beautiful trees — Forget about it! Trim up the long branches hanging over or near the yellow lines and leave the rest alone. We can all see very well.

Robert Phillips

College Place


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