Evaluation ordered for death threats suspect


WALLA WALLA — A mental health evaluation has been ordered for a man accused of threatening to kill local officials.

The evaluation will provide opinions regarding the mental competency of Francisco C. Delarosa, 53, of 1029 W. Willow St., who is charged in Walla Walla County Superior Court with six counts of felony harassment.

Judge Scott Wolfram on Monday authorized up to $3,000 in public funds to hire clinical psychologist Philip Barnard of Richland to conduct the evaluation.

Delarosa’s court-appointed attorney Jerry Makus made the request, writing in a motion that his client “is nearly incoherent, confused, delusional and obviously, even to a layperson, mentally impaired.”

Officials said Delarosa had frequently called a police officer for about the past year, but most of the calls were benign and ignored.

However on the morning of May 21, Delarosa allegedly left a message threatening to shoot Superior Court Judge John Lohrmann, Prosecuting Attorney Jim Nagle, a Walla Walla police officer and a relative of his.

He also is accused of threatening to kill the officer he had been calling, in addition to retired Superior Court Judge Donald W. Schacht.

Delarosa was arrested at his residence on May 21.


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