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I feel compelled to respond to Robert Day’s letter praising another letter writer who accused Annie Capestany of “slapping the face of veterans” with her words, and also making the claim both were “defending veterans from Annie Capestany and others who believe we are as bad as those we are fighting.”

As a veteran, I do not appreciate those who would take a thoughtful letter addressing the perpetuity of war and twisting it into an attack on veterans. Please respect the views of others and don’t make up a reason to attack when there is nothing to attack. It is extremely demoralizing, and those who care enough to work for peace through nonviolent means do not deserve this.

Addressing the perpetuity of war on a political level puts the burden of the decision to go to war on the leadership of the countries that wage war, and says nothing negative whatsoever about those who respond to the call of duty by their leadership.

Sharon Schiller

Walla Walla


Iopine 2 years, 5 months ago

Ms Schiller - I do agree that military personnel have no voice in there assignments but you missed the rest of the letter. Ms Capestany is an activist for a diverse culture and in the same letter blamed the wars and the problems that go along with them are created by Old White Republicans and the NRA. Cover the whole letter if your going to try and defend somebody.


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