US needs secure borders; E-Verify should be used


Our nonpartisan group endeavors to coordinate the efforts of organizations that promote the improvement of social conditions for Latinos.

U.S. immigration policy is certainly the topic of the day and has a tremendous impact on all citizens of Walla Walla. Opinions are split into extremes.

We invite replies from all citizens within reading range of the Union Bulletin. You will influence our policy as we go forward.

Immigration reform

The Independent Latino Council of Walla Walla agree that the border with Mexico must be closed by using every possible means to prevent illegal entry into the United States.

During the primary campaign of 2012, Republican hopefuls suggested an electrified fence and a poisonous moat. Mitt Romney concluded that such a barrier would help to stop illegal immigration and promote large-scale self-deportation.

The Berlin Wall served its purpose. The Korean Demilitarized Zone has solved that problem for the last 60 years. Israel has built barriers that control the Palestinians.

With modern technology we can do even better for our southern border. We must spend as much money as it may take and use military boots to keep our southern border sealed forever so we can protect jobs and eliminate the drain on social services.

(With our share of all that money we would save from social services, we could build an experimental bullet train from Seattle to Spokane and down to Walla Walla.)


In conjunction with the impenetrable border, we strongly support the application of E-Verify laws and use of severe penalties against employer violations.

This is the best way to make sure Latino labor is paying its fair share of taxes and the cost of social services, including health services.

This will also eliminate employment for the undocumented and will force self-deportation. Mexicans will no longer be attracted by the possibility of employment. Fifteen million Mexicans will be forced out of the United States and no more will come in.

This will create at least five million immediate job openings for new low-wage earners and will solve the national unemployment problem.

The most visible use of Mexican labor has always been in agriculture.

Most often income taxes and Social Security costs are deducted from the wages and an appropriate 1099 Report Form is issued.

Unfortunately, the return cannot be filed with the IRS and taxpayers are hit by a quadruple whammy because:

  1. The workers are kept at poverty level and are unable to contribute to the local economy as normal consumers. There is no money for “extras.” Look at the empty businesses and decaying buildings in downtown Walla Walla.

  2. The IRS does not receive the 7 percent contribution from the employee or the 7 percent from the employer. All that income disappears.

  3. Social services are faced with increasing demand while their funding is being reduced.

  4. The low-wage workers cannot afford health services, but, cannot be left to die, so the cost is passed on to taxpayers and our general health care becomes more expensive.

Action must be taken.

It is possible E-Verify will eliminate the need for any type of drastic border control because the disappearance of the job magnet will mean the end of illegal immigration.

Join in the conversation and have your voice heard.

Abel Carreño is director the Independent Latino Council of Walla Walla, Washington. He can be reached at


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