Walla Wallans shine at Senior Invite


WALLA WALLA — Two Walla Walla golfers took home top honors as the 53rd annual Senior Invitational golf tournament wound to a close here Saturday at the Walla Walla Country Club.


Walla Walla resident Bill Fleenor hits his second shot on the second hole during the Walla Walla Country Club Senior Golf Invitational Tournament on Saturday.

Jim Hayner finished his 54 holes with a 222, six shots over par, to take low gross of the field on the men’s side.

The women completed their 36-hole tournament on Friday, and Walla Wallan Sue Chestnut posted a 167 over 36 holes to take top gross of the women’s field.

Walla Walla’s Bill Brownfield posted a net of 202 over 54 holes to win low net honors of the men’s field.

Sandra Smith, also of Walla Walla, shot a net of 138 over two rounds to grab low net honors of the women’s field.

Seattle’s Paul Maudslien fired a 230 to capture Super Senior low gross honors.

Walla Wallan John McKern grabbed Super Senior low net honors with a net of 207 over three rounds.

Jim O’Rourke, playing out of Spokane, won top dollar in the Legends Gross division with a gross of 241. Joe Nelson, representing Terrebonne, Wash., captured the legends net honors with a net of 218.

In the men’s first flight, Barry Wofford edged fellow Walla Wallan Bill Fleenor by one stroke. Wofford finished at 225 to take the first flight gross honor and Fleenor settled for second with a gross of 226.

Ronnie Smith took first flight net honors with a net of 211. Smith, of Walla Walla, edged three out of town golfers by three strokes to take the net. John Martin, Lake Forest Park, Brian Duffy, Seattle, and Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, finished in a dead heat for second with nets of 214 each.

In flight two, Tacoma’s Tom Urquhart edged Walla Wallan Don Hamlin, 250-251 to take second flight gross honors. Dave Bateman, a Walla Walla golfer, posted a net of 210 to win second flight net honors by five strokes.

In men’s third flight action, Lakewood’s Dan Grimshaw took gross honors with a 272. Two Walla Walla golfers went one two in third flight net play. Arnie Ewoniuk took first with a net of 213, and Clint Bidwell finished second with a net of 215.

In first flight women’s action, Sarah Michelson played her home course to a 172 to take top gross honors in the first flight. Michelson out distanced Fircrest’s Sharon Johnston by seven strokes to capture low gross.

Vashon Island’s Lori Kittredge out shot the field by 10 shots to easily take first flight net honors with a two round net of 140.

In women’s second flight play, Walla Walla’s Maggie Stalcup was two strokes better than Vashon Island’s Gigi Jack. Stalcup took low gross honors with a 201 to Jack’s 203.

In net play, Olympia’s Renate Kwieciak took net honors with a net of 146. Walla Walla’s Linda Olson finished third with a net of 156.

Senior Invitational

At Walla Walla Country Club

Men’s Results

Low Gross of Field: 222 — Jim Hayner, Walla Walla.

Low Net of Field: 202 — Bill Brownfield, Walla Walla.

Super Senior Low Gross: 230 — Paul Maudslien, Seattle, Wash.

Super Senior Low Net: 207 — John McKern, Walla Walla.

Legends Gross: 241 — Jim O’Rourke, Spokane, Wash.

Legends Net: 218 — Joe Nelson, Terrebonne Wash.

Men’s First Flight


225 — Barry Wofford, Walla Walla.

226 — Bill Fleenor, Walla Walla.

233 — Skip Pierce, Boise.


211 — Ronnie Smith, Walla Walla.

214 — John Martin, Lake Forest Park, Wash.

214 — Brian Duffy, Seattle, Wash.

214 — Harrison Jewell, Edmonds, Wash.

216 — Ted Fluharty, Boise.

218 — Jim Michelson, Walla Walla.

Men’s Second Flight


250 — Tom Urquhart, Tacoma, Wash.

251 — Don Hamlin, Walla Walla.

254 — Steve Kimball, Walla Walla.


210 — Dave Bateman, Walla Walla.

215 — Bob McFarlin, Camas, Wash.

215 — Don Rhodes, Olympia, Wash.

215 — Tom McQuary, Seattle, Wash.

219 — Doug Toschi, Seattle, Wash.

219 — Joe Tessier, Seattle, Wash.

Men’s Third Flight


272 — Dan Grimshaw, Lakewood, Wash.

274 — Randall Haydon, Federal Way, Wash.

277 — Phil Stalcup, Walla Walla.


213 — Arnie Ewoniuk, Walla Walla.

215 — Clint Bidwell, Walla Walla.

221 — Paul Swortz, Lakewood, Wash.

222 — Tom Beffa, Burien, Wash.

222 — Robert Ritzhaupt, Vashon Island, Wash.

Ladies Senior Invitational Results

Low Gross of Field: 167 — Sue Chestnut, Walla Walla.

Low Net of Field: 138 — Sandra Smith, Walla Walla.

Women’s First Flight


172 — Sarah Michelson, Walla Walla.

179 — Sharon Johnston, Fircrest, Wash.


140 — Lori Kittredge, Vashon Island, Wash.

150 — Kris Hanberg, Fircrest, Wash.

151 — Jayne Shannon, Lakewood, Wash.

152 — Carol Toschi, Seattle, Wash.

Women’s Second Flight


201 — Maggie Stalcup, Walla Walla.

203 — Gigi Jack, Vashon Island, Wash.


146 — Renate Kwieciak, Olympia, Wash.

154 — Carol Maki, Vashon Island, Wash.

156 — Linda Olson, Walla Walla.

157 — Pam Burns, Lakewood, Wash.


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