In the Minutes - Port of Columbia


Port commissioners are Gene Warren, Dale McKinley and Earle Marvin. With all present Wednesday, the board:

POLICIES: Approved two policies establishing guidelines for how Port meetings should be run and codes of conduct for commissioners, staff and members of the public at meetings.

BLUE MOUNTAIN STATION: Heard report on construction progress on Blue Mountain Station artisan food center. The Port has received a $109,000 grant and $109,000 low-interest loan from the Washington Community Economic Revitalization Board for sewer construction and $15,000 from Columbia County for kitchen supplies. The building’s foundation has been laid and plumbing work started.

MARINA: Heard inspection report from Lyons Ferry Marina and sanitary survey results. Port is filing paperwork to certify one well at the Marina as sanitary.

RAILROAD: Approved three underground railroad crossing requests from Inland Telephone for fiber optic cables in Walla Walla County.


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