In the Minutes - Waitsburg City Council


Waitsburg City Council members are Marty Dunn, Kevin House, K.C. Kuykendall, Karl Newell and Debra Callahan. With Mayor Walt Gobel absent Wednesday, the Council:

TRANSPORTATION: Approved new six-year transportation plan, which lists road projects the city would like to complete.

FAIRGROUNDS: Approved plan to begin leasing horse stalls at fairgrounds in July. Leasing was stopped in October because stall maintenance costs for the city were too high. A volunteer group called the Blue Mountain Equestrian Center will handle maintenance and oversee leasing, so the city will no longer be spending money on the stalls.

CORRECTIONS: Signed agreement with the Department of Corrections allowing the city to hire inmate labor from the penitentiary to assist with public works projects as needed.

PORT: Approved final plat for Port of Walla Walla.

LAWSUIT: Approved out-of-court settlement of $3,400 for a tort claim filed against the city by John, Sandra and Ethan Carpenter concerning a disagreement over a city sidewalk project infringing on their private property.

GARDEN STREET: Authorized the city to move forward with a citizen purchase of a small strip of city property on Garden Street.


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