Risks of climate change too great


Reluctant though I am to give the prolific Steve Singleton a platform for yet another letter, I have to respond to his latest.

A quick read about Mr. Singleton’s climate hero reveals that Dr. Lindzen does in fact accept that carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, that CO2 levels are rising due to human activity and that should warm the climate. He theorizes, however, that clouds will come to the rescue.

I suppose it would be nice for everybody if that turned out to be the case. Unfortunately, the majority of Dr. Lindzen’s peers disagree with him.

As I suspect is true of Mr. Singleton, I lack the specialized education necessary to scientifically evaluate the research on climate change. Relatively few of us are fluent in atmospheric fluid dynamics.

But I also lack Mr. Singleton’s singular willingness to dismiss the consensus of the majority of the science community. Given the potential impacts of climate change, the risks are just too great.

Furthermore, common sense dictates that pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere while simultaneously eradicating the planet’s carbon sinks, both in incomprehensible volumes, cannot be environmentally neutral.

To borrow an expression from Carl Sagan, it’s bad planetary hygiene. I concur with the view that if we don’t stop it, Mother Nature will stop it for us — and we won’t like her way.

Monette Hoffmeister



VinoTinto 1 year, 9 months ago

Thank you for a voice of reason Monette.

I personally don't need a scientist to tell me that climate change is real ... I've been on the planet long enough to witness it for myself.


namvet60 1 year, 9 months ago

Does that mean that you enjoy the four seasons of the year?


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