Etcetera 6-21-13


Marmite fans such as Walla Walla’s Sally Harris can evidently call themselves marmarati.

She loves the sticky, dark brown food paste with a powerful, highly salty, distinctive flavor.

Its taste is reflected in the British Marmite company’s marketing slogan, “Love it or hate it,” according to Wikipedia.

The beer byproduct made from yeast extract is hard to find in America, since it’s produced by the Brits and a company in New Zealand.

Yet Sally loves the taste and said it’s rich in vitamins.

Local stores may be able to order it and has it for $19.95 for a two-pack.

When searching for mentions of marmite, I found “A Contemporary Ode to Marmite” on, by Margherita C for Challenge 6: Poetry and Song:

“My one true love, Marmite/On toast with butter, my heart ignites

With soft-boiled egg, warm and gooey/Peculiar chocolate, strange and chewy

Salty yeast extraction/My satisfaction

Marmite, you make my grey days blue/Can’t imagine life without you boo.”

A three-day Ricky Tims Super Quilt Seminar will be offered in Sept. 19-21 at the Red Lion Hotel Pasco, 2526 N. 20th Ave.

According to a release, BERNINA of America, a manufacturer of sewing, embroidery and quilting machines, is the exclusive sewing machine sponsor for the event.

Registration is under way with deadlines Aug. 2 for parties of two to nine, and Sept. 6 for singles.

Forms, admission prices and the registration mailing address are available online at

Representatives from Janean’s BERNINA in Pasco will also exhibit at the seminar with the company’s machines and accessories available for sale.

The seminar uses multimedia demonstrations by three of the world’s most celebrated quilting instructors, with live demonstrations by Tims and Alex Anderson and Melinda Bula.

Various techniques and information covered will appeal to traditional and contemporary quilt artists quilters of all levels of expertise.

More details are available at

Find out more about Anderson at and Bula at

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