Pay attention to bus warning lights


I think maybe a few people would do well to dig out their old driver’s manual and look up the laws about stopping for school buses.

We were coming up Rose Street the other day behind a school bus. It had its warning lights on, stopped and turned on the red lights. Two cars going the other way looked right at the bus and kept on going.

A four-lane street does not give you the right to keep going when the red lights are flashing.

Even though school is out, it’s not too late to say something.

Janet Berley

Walla Walla


grammaphyllis 2 years, 1 month ago

Janet: You might want to update your knowledge on this matter by reviewing Washington RCW 46.612.370 Paragraph 3) that says:

"The driver of a vehicle upon a highway with three or more marked traffic lanes need not stop upon meeting a school bus which is proceeding in the opposite direction and is stopped for the purpose of receiving or discharging school children."

Looks like it's legal on the four-lane part of Rose but illegal on the two-lane part.


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